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Tattoo Regret

Tattoo regrets have become a big deal recently in the news. A babysitter in Virginia gave the girls he was watching permanent tattoos. The parents then tried to remove them with a hot razor blade. Both the girls were under the age of 13! The babysitter and the parents were arrested for child abuse. TLC recently started a show looking for the worst tattoos in America since 50% of people regret getting tattoos.

Slacker thinks the parents must have had bad judgment with the babysitter. He says when he was 20 he wanted to get a Marvin the Martian tattooed on his arm. He has always liked Chinese symbols and wanted one tattooed on the back of his head. He thinks it's weird Lil' D has his last name tattooed on his chest.

Steve wouldn’t trust a Chinese symbol because he thinks the tattoo artist wouldn’t put the correct symbol and give him an embarrassing one. He says he wanted to get the UPC symbol on the back on his neck but now everyone has that one.
What’s your worst tattoo regret?

Intern Courtney

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04/10/2014 7:20PM
Tattoo Regret
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