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Mrs. Doubtfire may turn out to be one of the most prolific movies in the history of film! Why? Because it has saved lives! It turns out you can learn a lot more from movies than you think. A 7-year-old girl saved her mother's life recently when she used the Heimlich maneuver on her choking mom ... a move she learned in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Amira Thornton's mom was choking on a piece of sausage and after recalling the comedy (and some info Amira's grandfather gave her), she picked her mom up the best she could and thrust until the food flew out. Good thing she used this Robin Williams movie as a reference... and not Flubber.

Steve said "I learned from Survivor man that if you drop me off in the middle of a desert within an hour I would have central air and alfredo sauce kicking back eating basking in my cold you can learn everything from that show."

Slacker says if he put Steve in a kitchen with all the ingredients for alfredo sauce and he still would not come up with alfredo sauce. You can learn anything in the world on the inter-web!

What is an amazing thing that you've learned on TV?

I learned how to fix my dryer on YouTube, how I should never swim in anything but swimming pools ever again from Shark Week and River Monsters, that most crimes are never solved from Cold Case Files unlike what it seems like on most TV crime shows and how to make a yummy cheesecake from scratch!



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11/20/2013 5:03PM
TV Taught Me
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11/22/2013 3:18PM
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