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All moms are super, but some go above and beyond by wrestling alligators and lifting buses in the name of saving their children… we like to all these women SUPER MOMS!
Here’s the story of Florida Super Mom:
“A Florida mom who is also a deputy spotted an alligator trying to break through the chain link fence just as middle school kids were about to be let out.
Rather than wait two hours for a trapper, she wrestled the alligator herself.
The mother of two fetched 30 feet of rope, tied a noose, and lassoed the alligator.
She learned the skill from her brother who taught her how to capture alligators for fun as they were growing up” … WOW
Slacker’s mom once had to borrow Slacker’s brother’s truck- which was the size of a monster truck- to get milk.  His brother’s truck, however, had caused a lot of trouble in the neighborhoods of Longmont so in order to curb any cars from chasing them Slacker’s mom threw milk onto offending vehicles so they wouldn’t chase them anymore.
What makes you a super mom?
Slacker’s mom is pretty BA and while my mom is pretty super, amazing she’s never thrown anything at anyone so Slacker definitely wins this one.
Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn
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03/27/2013 4:49PM
Super Mom
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