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Stupid Injury

We have all had our dumb moments, some worse than others. Recently a woman in Massachusetts was injured in one of the dumbest ways possible...she ran herself over with her own car!
A Waltham, Massachusetts woman recently ran herself over in a parking garage. Sergeant Joe Guigno tells The Boston Globe: “She was checking to see how far she was from the wall and somehow she ended up underneath the car. She was able to get out from under the car and back into the vehicle by the time emergency responders arrived.''
Slacker says how stupid can you be to hurt yourself with your car! He says that the real reason his back has been hurting lately is because he had to save his children from the lava in his house! Slacker said that his carpet was the lava during the “Lava Game” and he jumped from his couch to couch and ended up hitting the coffee table! He said that he hit the hard wood floor and heard the cracking of his back! Slacker says that his kids didn’t even try to help him! He now says that he is debating on buying a rugby jersey for when he goes to the chiropractor to make up something a lot less dumb!
Steve wonders what the insurance claim on the incident was.
Lil D says that his brother had the dumbest story ever! He says that his brother couldn’t find anyone to play football with and so he ended up playing by himself. Lil D continues to say that his brother was passing the ball to himself and crashed into the fence and broke his arm!
What is the most idiotic way you have injured yourself?
I went to cannonball into the river to be cool and make a big spash. That part I jumped into only ened up being a foot deep! I ended up breaking my toes on my right foot from smashing into the rocks.
Intern Tyler

(Courtesy Photo: Freedigitalphotos.net)

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07/23/2014 4:16PM
Stupid Injury
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