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Stupendous Servers


Today is National Waitress/Waiter day! So…we want to switch it up and hear your amazing server stories, like this one… On https://www.tumblr.com/, a woman posted a story about her mother, who has been waitressing for most of her life. Her mother was waiting on a man and talked to him about Italy. She said she had eight years of an art education, but had never been able to go to Italy. She’s always been stuck in a small town, waitressing, never having a real job and has been divorced for 6 years. When the man left, he told her to take care and when she looked down at the tip, he left her $1,000! Now she can take that trip to Italy!

Are you a server and got an incredible tip? Did a server go completely out of their way to help you?

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/21/2013 4:47PM
Stupendous Servers
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