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A 23-year-old woman got trapped in a train after falling asleep inside of it. She fell asleep on the train after dinner with friends—her stop is the end of the route in San Jose, CA. She woke up in the back of the train and there was nobody on it. It was in the train yard, it was 12:30 at night, and her cell phone was dead. She tried yelling for help and even broke the glass of the emergency stop box and the fire extinguisher, hoping an alarm would go off. It didn’t. She eventually made it up to the conductor’s car, which should have been locked, and used the radio to call for help. When workers got there they didn’t apologize…they asked her if she was drunk. The company eventually apologized to her, but she wants to make sure workers are checking the rail cars at the end of the night. Employees were reprimanded for not checking the cars thoroughly and for keeping the conductor’s car unlocked.

Also, a man in Lawton, Oklahoma was walking outside when he inadvertently dropped a $20 bill. It fell down a storm drain. Because the man, who has not been identified, needed the money, he went crawling after it. That turned out to be a big mistake. The man, who was disoriented and dehydrated when he was finally back above ground, could not tell the police how he was able to get down into underground pipes. However they speculate it must have been via nearby storm drains. When he got down in there he quickly discovered getting back up wouldn’t be easy. He was as much as 12 feet below in a cramped, dark, and wet pipe, in a system only one with a map would be able to navigate. It was only when a group of passing high schoolers were walking by that our wayward friend was helped. They heard screams coming from down below and called 911 right away. Once officers arrived on the scene, they removed a manhole cover and saw the man below. So what about that $20? Did the man find it? Sadly, as KSWO reports, he didn’t.

Where have you gotten stuck?

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03/28/2014 8:30PM
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03/31/2014 3:23PM
tripping on acid locked in state capital building
Yi! My boyfriend and I almost got stuck in the capital in madison. 608-669-8949
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