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Stuck in Your Head


Melissa McCarthy removed a peanut from Sandra Bullock's nose on the set of The Heat. She says, "Sandy decided to slam her head down on the bar and lodge a peanut up her nose. She put it so far up and I couldn't see it. I had a swizzle stick and I thought, 'What's happening? I have something shoved up Sandy Bullock's nose; Ok, just don't hurt her'. Then I thought, 'She didn't really do it, that's too weird and gross'. I was up a good ways (with the swizzle stick) and there was nothing. Just as she let her head back down I saw something. It still makes me nervous to talk about it because it was so insane. She had put it up so far! Then it got serious because I thought, 'I gotta get that thing outta there!' I don't know why I thought that was on me medically to do that. Then I really got in there and I got it."

Slacker was tickling a girl and grabbed an M&M and stick it in her nose…  He turned around to grab another one and when she was trying to talk it got stuck up in her nose and was sucked in so far that it came out her mouth. 

Whether it was your nose, ear, throat…What was stuck in your head?

Intern Lauren

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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06/27/2013 7:15PM
Stuck in Your Head
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