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Straw that Broke your Relationship's Back


Sometimes you have to put up with stuff in a relationship and it really bugs you. It bugs you so much that you snap and end it. No ifs, ands, or buts, you’re done! A new survey came out that women cheated on their husbands because they wore socks during relations. The same survey revealed that women cheated because they didn’t like the dirty talk, or were too “ungentlemanly,” meaning they stole the covers at night or only pleasured themselves and not their wife.
Slacker thinks that wearing socks mean that men care more about their comfort than relations instead of just taking them off. He said, “I don’t wear socks to bed just in case.” The straw that broke Slacker’s first marriage’s back was volleyball. His wife wanted to sign up for volleyball and that was the straw. She was looking for ways to avoid him. “I will wear that insecurity like a badge.”

Steve likes to wear his socks and eat his garlic butter. Yes, Steve loves the garlic butter that comes with pizza that is delivered. He just laughs at the matter and salutes ending the relationships.

What was the straw that broke your relationship’s back?

The straw that broke my relationships back was the guy’s lack of cleanliness. I was like his
mother. I did his laundry, made our bed, cleaned his hair from around the sink, and washed the dishes. He never helped me, not once, nor did he offer.  Finally one day, I threw the scrubbing brush into the sink and my hands up in the air and said, “DONE!” And that was that. We haven’t talked since.
Me (Nikki)
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12/09/2013 6:47PM
Straw that Broke your Relationship's Back
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