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Step Up or Step Off

Slacker was at an event and someone told him their son was involved in sexting! The boy has been receiving pictures among other naughty texts and now they're wondering if they should say something to the girl's parents.
Slacker doesn’t know what he would do. He thinks they would find a way to do it even if they intervened. Slacker says the main problem is trouble with the law, because even at that age there can be issues with child pornography. He says that if you are to approach the parents you need to do it calmly and not freak out and beat down the other kid’s door. Slacker says that if it was his daughter he would want to know.
Steve says he would approach it like he would with his son making out with a girl or even playing doctor. He says if the kid is doing it with others just let one of the other parents do the dirty work for you. Steve says if he found out if Slackers daughter did something like this he would

Would you step up or step off?
Intern Tyler

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06/11/2014 4:35PM
Step Up or Step Off
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