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Step Up or Step Off


Slacker saw a mother yelling at her kid this weekend and by yelling he means verbally and emotionally abusing the kid. It gets worse from there. Slacker stepped in and tried calming the woman down, but the woman started screaming at him to get away. He now regrets
stepping in.

Slacker says him and Steve usually never get involved. He is a dad and he has lost his temper and has torn his kids down and was frustrated. He has said some things, but not like this woman. This kid broke something inside the store and she was just ragging on this kid. She tells her child he is retarded and horrible at sports. It was awful. It wasn’t his place to step in, but he did. He started the approach with “take a deep breath.” He tried saying comforting things to the woman, but he is not the face of comfort. He was horrified because as a man he approached a woman and she replied “get away from me!” So he ran to his car and in the process of getting in, he hit his nose with the door of his car and blood was everywhere. It was a mess. He wonders if what he did was a good r bad thing.

Steve and Slacker both hate the word retarded. And they would rather get physical abuse than be called that word. He is horrified about this woman. Steve questions Slacker running away because he looked suspicious. He gets it as a parent and understands that he wanted to be an advocate, but as males they feel bad things could happen to them.

Would you regret getting involved in a situation like this? Why or why not?  

I woudn’t regret getting involved. That poor kid probably gets it worse at home. I am proud of Slacker for stepping in because people ignore this kind of stuff all the time and it has to stop. Good job Slacker.

Intern Nikki

(photo courtesy flickr.com)

02/10/2014 4:26PM
Step Up or Step Off
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02/10/2014 4:44PM
Step up
To and you didn't film it on your phone. It would have covered you.I'm sure she has treated her boy like that before. How sad!!!
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