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LeAnn Rimes got her husband’s ex-wife all fired up when she tweeted and referred to her step-children as ‘my boys.’
Slacker and Steve both agree in referring to her step-kids as 'her boys', it's an indicator that she's comfortable with her step-kids. In a hypothetical situation, if Slacker ever got a divorce and his son or daughter referred to anyone else as 'dad', his heart would break.

Was this out of line? Should a step-parent refer to their step-kids as their children? Should the kids refer to the step-parent as 'mom' or 'dad' or is it always step-mom and step-dad?

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People : LeAnn Rimes

12/04/2012 7:33PM
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12/05/2012 8:53PM
Kids choice
I feel that it is the kids choice to call the step parent mom or dad and how they want to refer to them to others. You shouldn't force a child to call the step parent mom or dad if they dont feel comfortable doing so. As far as the step parents go, it is totally ok to call their step kids their own and to refer to them as such. But they should try to be sensitive to the other parent who is out of the picture if they can or if they care about the other parent enough. Sometimes a step parent my hate the other mom or dad so they might be tempted to stir trouble. This isnt always the case but it never hurts to use discretion.
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