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Status Symbols

In the 80's a status symbol were a cordless phone, a pony, two cars, and a color TV among others. So we were thinking about what a status symbol would be for this day and age. A higher performance car, a boat, a designer watch/bag, a second home, etc.

Slacker says to raise children is a status symbol because any person can have kids but it takes a lot to raise one! He thinks that if a person doesn’t have a status symbol then their life sucks because it gives you nothing to look forward to. His status symbol was when he got a bed instead of a futon. Also when he was able to fill his gas tank all the way up was a mile marker for him.

Steve says that having kids and a family shouldn’t be a status symbol because anyone can have kids. He said that in the 80’s when people had dishwashers it was a big thing. Also when people had 2 cars, you were looked up to. He said it was weird when people had the formal living room that you couldn’t go in. That was just an annoying status symbol.

What was your status symbol that let you know you have finally made it?

Mine would definitely be when I got a credit card. Also, I am looking forward to buying a new brand new car because mine sucks... That will be a mile marker for me.

Intern Nikki

(Photo courtesy flickr.com)

04/22/2014 7:34PM
Status Symbols
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