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Lorde has recently claimed that she’s being stalked by a New Zealand paparazzi. She says she understands that it comes with her fame but thinks he’s taken it too far. She’s fed up with it and posted his picture and info on her social media to prove to him how it feels.
Slacker says he does the whole “accidental bump in” in thing to people he fancies. He used to like a girl that worked at the same mall as he did. He would try to guess which food place she’d go to each day so he could bump into her. He was good at stalking her but never even learned her name or talked to her.

Steve says he would go to Slacker if he needed help stalking because he’s so good at it and can work tech stuff easily. He thinks that driving by someone’s house would be considered stalking them unless it’s on your route. He considers it stalking if you go to someone’s work not because you want something but you wanted to see them.

What stalker story do you have?

The other day I was approached by a girl who currently goes to the school I used to go to. She didn’t go there when I did, but she recognized me and knew me by name. I’ve never met her in my life and still don’t know how she knew who I was.

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05/15/2014 6:20PM
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