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Are you a stalker? Have you been? If you answer “yes” to three or more of these questions then you are a stalker!

 1. You've made a fake FB profile to friend your current partner's ex. 
2. You've called your ex from a blocked number. 
3. If you've used Four Square to see where they are. 
4. You Googled them. 
5. You looked at social media to guess where your ex will be hanging out. 
6. You've remained friends with their parents to find out info about them. 
7. You showed up at someone's workplace pretending you didn't know they worked there. 
8. You've taken up the same hobby as your ex hoping you will run into each other. 
9. Looked at any of their social media sites to glean info?
10. Gone through a friend's, partner’s or spouse's FB after they left it open and walked out of a room?
Slacker and Steve have admitted to participating in roughly 80% of these.  Let’s just face it they are both stalkers… The show will now also be called the Slacker and STALKER show
When have you stalked someone?
My ex from high school, his parents live down the street from mine; driving home I have to pass their house, and if I see his car I text him to see how things are going… Don’t necessarily consider this stalking, because I would have to go out of my way in order not to pass his parents house. 
Intern Lauren
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03/21/2013 6:32PM
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