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Recently a man was busted for bugging his own mother's phone! We have all done a little bit of spying, whether it’s using a tracking device, a conveniently placed baby monitor or even a hidden camera!
Man Bugs Mom
A Nebraska man was fined $500 for bugging his 90-year-old mom’s phone.
The 60-year-old man was busted after his sister found a recording device in the basement of their mother’s home and called police. The man admitted to bugging his mom’s phone and didn’t think it was illegal. At least one of the calls he listened to was between his mother and sister, with whom he doesn't get along. He was originally charged with a felony but he pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace and was fined the $500.
Slacker says that Steve having a telescope isn’t very discrete, and wants to know why he didn’t use binoculars. He says that the studio they work in is bugged, because people know things that only him and Steve are supposed to know!
Steve said that he had a telescope to spy on his attractive neighbor! He says that he used to work with a guy that also owned a bar and the bar owner asked his employee to watch the bar. Steve continues and talks about how the owner would use his camera to make sure the employee wouldn’t steal, in the end she did.
Lil D talks about a story of during the cold war a couple bought a picture that was bugged! They had it in their house for 11 years before they figured it out!
What’s your spy story?
Intern Tyler

(Courtesy Photo: Flickr.com)

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08/15/2014 6:19PM
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