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Trust is an important part of a relationship, but a new survey revealed that 55% of people distrust their partner and have even admitted to spying on them... email hacking... listening in on phone calls...

Here are the results,

Trust Issues
10 Most Common Methods of Spying
1 Unauthorized email access: 58%
2 Unauthorized access to text messages: 47%
3 Researching social media accounts: 39%
4 Listening in on phone calls or use of phone taps: 18%
5 Looking through telephone records: 18%
6 Looking through credit card statements: 16%
7 Following and shadowing: 10%
8 Using mobile GPS tracking: 7%
9 Hiring a private investigator: 4%
10 Other: 9%

Steve says that he has never intentionally spied on anyone.  The only form of spying he’s participated in is Facebook stalking, and according to Lil D and Slacker he’s pretty good at it. Slacker admitted to look at someone’s lock screen if they got a text to see who it was. He also said he knows how to set GPS tracking on people, their phones, or computers. He said that he would use his capabilities to spy on Steve, but he knows that doing so would only confirm his suspicions regarding what Steve does on his free time and he just doesn’t wanna know!

How have you spied on your significant other?

I’ve never spied on a boyfriend in the hardcore way other people have- no phone taping, email hacking, text message reading, etc-, but I have done the occasional (by occasional I obviously mean frequent) Facebook stalking. It’s the easiest and least threatening way to do it if you’re gonna do it.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net) 

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07/24/2013 4:27PM
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07/24/2013 4:59PM
A few weeks back I heard you announce that you caught your wife cheating on you. I was unable to hear that show. The a few days ago as you were doing your show you made a reference about your girlfriend. And now on today's show you and Steve had made reference about your wife as your talking about today's subject. Is there any way I can get this cleared up? Thank you, Vickie
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