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Spring Break

Spring break is in full swing and we all know some crazy things happen during the break. An article states Northampton Community College canceled their student’s spring break to make up for snow days. The students were outraged and protested by wearing swimsuits and beach clothes to class. Only about 15 students participated and were mostly males. They wished more students (girls in particular) would have participated in their “rebellion” The principal however allowed them to have a small non alcoholic party in the cafeteria. Another article lists five ways to stay safe during spring break:
- Be Safe in the Sun
- Use Medications Wisely
- Be Careful With Contact Lenses
- Think Twice About Getting Tattoos or Henna
- Stay Hydrated and Remember Tips for Healthy Eating
Slacker is scared his daughter will want to travel on spring break when she grows up. He thinks it’s sad that they couldn’t get more than 15 students to participate in the protest. He thinks it was probably members of the chess club who participate in the event. He says he was just like those guys since he participate in the band and didn’t have exciting spring breaks. He says the only thing he’d ever spiked the punch with was ginger ale.

Steve doesn’t think the so called “protestors” had fun during their beach day and thinks it was most likely embarrassing them. He thinks Slacker probably would have done the same thing in college since he was in the marching band.

What’s your crazy spring break story?

I usually don’t go anywhere for spring break to save my money for summer. So my crazy spring break consists of Girl Scout cookies and an entire season of Gossip Girl. Raging lifestyle I know.
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03/20/2014 6:27PM
Spring Break
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