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Spring Break


A face tattoo…a random pregnancy…jail time… Some of the craziest moments of your life happen during one special time of year: Spring Break!

Don't Run For the Border: College students are being warned not to travel to Mexico for Spring Break because of the cartel violence that has erupted there over the last several months. Drugs lords have terrorized locals and kidnapped tourists in an attempt to overrun the government. Most of the public shootouts have occurred along border towns. Mexico's drug cartels often dump beheaded bodies onto streets. Spring Break started last weekend.

Slacker felt he was roofied on a spring break vacation, in order to get at the girl that he was dating at the time.

How was your spring break experience? Did law enforcement get involved? Was jail time included? Did you get pregnant? Did you get kicked-out of anywhere? How crazy did it get?

Intern Melinda
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03/15/2013 5:22PM
Spring Break
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