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Split the Check


Slacker and Steve went out to dinner one night and saw something rather peculiar unfolding at another table. The two were clearly witnessing a first date… and it wasn’t going well. When the check arrived- the bill was handed directly to him- the guy flipped open the book, looked at the bill, threw it, as well as some cash, to the center of the table, and expected the girl to pick up the rest.
This scenario got Slacker and Steve to thinking…

Steve thinks that the guy should pick up the entire check on a first date; however, he greatly appreciates it if his date at least attempts to feign a reach for the purse or wallet, she doesn’t necessarily have to be sincere. Slacker thinks dates should be fifty/fifty because it’s not only the guy who’s invested in the date. They’re still not sure if the guy was being a complete douche or if there is an exception to this dating “rule” or norm…

Should women pay? Is it perfectly okay to split the check, even on a first date?

I will always grab my wallet when the check comes. I never expect guys to pay because if I’m going out I’ll make sure that I have money to cover what I consume. Granted, a lot of times I don’t end up paying for my dinner. However, I can even get a little uncomfortable when someone else pays for me, not because I’m an overly empowered woman but because I never want the person I’m with to think that because we’re out he’s going to have to foot because that’s how these things seem to work. Do the reach, but please be sincere about it.  

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

08/26/2013 4:26PM
Split the Check
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