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A Burger King customer was having a rough day and was ready to splurge in some greasy food. As he was waiting in the long line, a young boy behind him kept screaming and yelling at his mom, “I want a pie!” He asked the mother to calm her child and she started yelling at him. He then bought every single pie, totaling 23, at that Burger King just to spite the spoiled child.
Slacker says kids don’t understand yet, they are the most selfless people on the planet. Slacker has had relations completely out of spite. Before he was on radio, another guy on the radio started talking about Slackers ex-girlfriend; he said he slept with the ex, which wasn’t true. Then a night out at the club, Slacker met the radio guy’s girlfriend, and had to do it! It eventually got back to the radio guy, which was his goal.
Steve says everyone should be spiting on kids! That’s how they will learn, plus… It’s fun!
What have you done out of spite?
Intern Alli

Photo courtesy: Flickr.com

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08/11/2014 6:59PM
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