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A sneeze, a very relieving occurrence can feel so satisfying, but can be very dangerous. A man crashed his 18-wheeler when he sneezed and ran his truck off the road, spilling his shipment of corn syrup. Cleaning crews dropped chemicals to prevent cars from slipping. The driver was not injured but we still don’t know the severity of the damage. This all happened because of a sneeze.

Slacker thinks that people who have sneeze accidents is so insane because he has never confused the gas and the break. He hit his head on stuff. But never blacked out.

Steve has never blacked out from a sneeze, but he saw the little black dots afterwards. He thinks if you have to sneeze then to just let it out. Do not hold it in. You’re head will explode.

Has something completely outrageous happened to you because you sneezed?

I love sneezing. It is like scratching an itch that you just need to get and having that satisfaction afterwards is pure bliss. Okay that’s a little much. But I have never caused damage because of a sneeze. I do agree that sneezing while driving is quite scary.

Me (Nikki)
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12/10/2013 6:22PM
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