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Lil' D our Producer did something unforgivable in his sleep. He accidentally punched his wife square in the face while they were both sleeping and she wasn't very happy. She now knows it was just him sleepwalking.

Slacker is appalled that Lil’ D did this. He actually chuckles at the fact. He thinks Lil’ D was stressed out about having a baby and that carried over it to his sleep where he lashed out. His wife, on Slacker’s birthday, kicked him in the sternum. And she woke up confused because he was screaming at her.

Steve has killed two people sleep walking. No, were just joking but he heard that can happen. Isn’t it dangerous to wake up sleep walkers?
Lil’ D said his wife was so confused and she ended up having a red welt. He has never slept walk or anything like that so it was very weird for him. She was so mad at Dave and it took a lot of talking to her to get her to understand that it definitely was not intentional.  

What have you done while sleep walking?

I had relations with my boyfriend and didn’t remember anything the next morning. My boyfriend was so mad that I didn’t remember and no, I wasn’t drunk.

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02/18/2014 4:18PM
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