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When you’re sleeping, you never have control of whether you sleepwalk or talk.

A Montana woman kicked and struck her boyfriend with a shotgun because he said bad things about her in his sleep. The boyfriend tells police the two were sleeping when he awoke to the 24-year-old woman kicking him and telling him he was talking in his sleep-- saying bad things about her. She also shot out his front tire and smashed his windshield when he tried to leave. He wasn't seriously injured and she was arrested for assault.
Slacker says that he has been sleep abused by his wife! He says that whatever she is attacking in her sleep must be where Slacker sleeps. Slacker thinks that the boyfriend might have been faking it and just decided to say those things to bug her. He talks about how his boy sleepwalks with his eyes open, but it’s weird because his eyes are wide open like a zombie! Slacker says Steve needs to come to his house and witness it.
Steve says that because of these stories Slacker is going to have to be afraid for his family! He says you should never wake up a sleepwalker because you might kill them!
What is your crazy sleepwalk/talk story?
Intern Tyler

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06/11/2014 7:24PM
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06/11/2014 7:29PM
As a kid I used to sleep walk and when I was younger I used to put in movies and laugh at a blank TV screen. But my best story my mom told me was when I walked in the room and told my mom I had to go to the bathroom and she was trying to tell me that I should go use the bathroom then. I then proceeded to pull my pants down in her room. Luckily she got me in enough time to rush me to the bathroom.
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