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Slacking On The Job


There is a guy that got fired from his job recently for outsourcing his job to China.  He “worked” from home and spent most of the day on the internet and paid a company one fifth of his salary to do his job that earned him a “top coder” title for many quarters.  When the company found out they fired him immediately and are now keeping a better eye on their employees that work from home.

Slacker has his nickname for good reason, when he worked at the airport he and the other employees would take turns napping for a couple hours at a time on the luggage that they were loading.  Steve used to clock his buddies in and out and they would never even show up to work.

How have you slacked off at work?

I am probably the world’s greatest employee.  Just kidding.  It’s pretty hard for me to slack off where I work but when I do it’s usually just sitting down at the bar top and do the puzzles in the newspaper and play on my phone. 

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01/17/2013 7:31PM
Slacking On The Job
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