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Sibling Suffering


Siblings usually have a close relationship and it can be painful!  If you have siblings you know that siblings are always being mean to each other.  It could be just hitting them on the shoulder or it could be as extreme as shoving a pencil in your brother’s ear.

Slacker was picked on by his brother. His brother would pin him down and spit on him. Slacker’s son picks on his younger sister.  She finally learned to retaliate and starting biting him back.   Steve and his sister were really close in age and he says they never picked on each other.
What are some of your stories?  Were you picked on?  Or were you the one who picked on your sibling?

I was picked on by older brothers all the time.  Actually, my younger brother was picked on by them as well.  It was so bad that I never picked on my younger brother.  We would stick together and not retaliate.   My brothers are quite a bit older than me, so attacking them physically was never really an option.  I would always tell them that I would pick on their kids, once they had them.  However, I never did that either.  I always liked hanging out with them rather than picking on them.  I think that is just the way it is when you have siblings. 

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01/24/2013 6:30PM
Sibling Suffering
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