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Sibling Rivalry


They can be your best friend or your worst enemy! We're talking about your sibling. Woman attacks sister with spatula. Yes, a sister spat-ula. A West Virginia woman was arrested after she attacked and hit her sister in the head with a spatula. The sister spit in the other sister’s face and shoved her. The victim suffered a laceration to her scalp and had a bite mark on her finger. Mom stepped in and ended the sister spat-ula. The angry sis was charged with felony malicious wounding. Two brothers were drinking when a fight broke out, and one stabbed the other in the neck. The police were called and the victim went to the hospital with a punctured lung. Michael Baker was arrested on aggravated battery charges, according to police.

Slacker spent half of his life lying on his back hoping the spit in his brother’s mouth would suck back in and not end up on his face. He was at war majority of his childhood.

Steve knows the answer if you are curious about any of your kitchen utensils being considered felony weapons or misdemeanors!

Lil D has had hundreds of sibling fights. His brother was throwing the bachelor party but it was in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly what Lil D wanted for his night out so being drunk they got into a fist fight in the bathroom. The wedding was three days later and in all the pictures his brother had a black eye. Karma!

What is the biggest fight you’ve had with your siblings?

When my brother and I would get into fights, he was so much bigger than me so I would throw a fan at him to secure my safety.

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08/18/2014 6:51PM
Sibling Rivalry
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