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A man in Idaho has made it his life goal, to own every single copy of the movie Speed on VHS! He already owns around 550 copies and the collection has made it through a house fire.

Slacker thinks the collection has to be huge! He used to collect VHS because he got them for free from the company he worked for. He ended up giving all of them away. He collected lots of albums even though he didn’t have record player when he was younger. He became obsessed with a band that was around when his dad was a teen. He recently found 10,000 buttons that he collected of the band members.

Steve says he had a shrine but turned it into a collection. He has basically a shrine to his child hood consisting of superheroes, old TV shows, and other different toys and such. He says it’s a very valuable collection that’s worth a lot of money. He thinks it’s fine to have this collection because they have value. He thinks Slacker’s collection is creepy.

What weird thing do you collect?

I collect guitar picks from artists I see in concert. It’s not the big yet but all of the picks do have a special meeting.

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04/24/2014 7:22PM
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