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Showing Off

An Alaskan man staged a fake attack in hopes to impress his date.  When they were walking on a trail in the woods a stranger wearing all black with a big knife ran out and threatened them.  The woman took off running and the guy stayed there and fought with the attacker. He was "slashed" twice on the wrist and chest before he grabbed him and kneed him in the stomach.  Cops brought in K-9’s and searched the area for hours but found nothing.  The girl told police she thought something was "not right" and the guy "was texting just before the assault."  When cops interviewed him he was very nervous and apprehensive. They told him he wouldn't get charged if he just told them the truth.  He eventually admitted he had set up the attack with a friend to impress the girl.  Cops didn't charge him and closed the case.  The girl was not impressed, saying what he did "was not very heroic."
Slacker has done a lot of stupid things to impress the ladies; probably the stupidest was hanging out of a balcony that was about 30-40 stories high to impress a woman.  Steve, called Slacker out! Always at parties Slacker will find the piano and start playing a sweet tune, in which the ladies start swarming.
What has a guy done to impress you?
I think the worst, but probably most common is when a guy name drops, or brings finances into the picture. 
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03/22/2013 4:40PM
Showing Off
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