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Shouldn?t Be Alive


Two groups of skydivers survived a scary moment in the skies above Wisconsin. Two single-engine aircraft carrying those skydivers collided 12,000 feet above the ground and sent one plane falling to the earth in flames. A Cessna 185 was closely following a Cessna 182 for a maneuver called a tracking dive, in which a lead jumper is followed across the sky by the other jumpers. The trailing plane collided with their aircraft, the wings on one plane separated and the fuselage caught fire. Four jumpers on that plane jumped to safety. The other aircraft had five jumpers and a pilot on board and went into a steep dive. Four jumpers were able to jump immediately, but one was pinned to the outside. They eventually were able to jump and two others inside also jumped. The pilot was able to pull out of the dive after losing a few thousand feet, and then landed.

A couple driving on the Pennsylvania turnpike are lucky to be alive after a bullet shot through their car and just barely missed them both. They were driving when a bullet hit the back passenger window, went through the passenger-side headrest, and then inches past the driver's face before going out the other side. The driver's girlfriend could have been hit if she hadn't leaned forward to grab the GPS off the dash just as the bullet flew through. He had minor cuts on his face from the glass. No one knows who shot the bullet or where it came from. Police are investigating.

During a gun battle in an Alabama neighborhood, a woman says her bible caught one of the bullets... and possibly saved her life. She says that a bible in the car parked directly in front of hers caught a bullet that came through the windshield toward the back window. She said it's a miracle no one was hurt. After it was all said and done, residents had heard between 15 and 20 gunshots. Police are looking for three people.

An Oregon woman was able to escape her home after a plane crashed into her garage and ended up inside the home. She was not hurt and was able to escape with her pets. The pilot died in the crash, which is under investigation. 

A rodeo clown survived being struck by lightning twice during the same storm in St. Jo, Texas. Storms rolled in and he and two friends hid under a tree to find shelter.  He was standing five feet away from his friend's father when he was struck by lightning. He dropped to his knees and was hit again. He felt electricity in his chest and it shot up through is arm and his wrist. Witnesses saw sparks. He was taken to the hospital where doctors say the poncho he was wearing carried static because it was plastic. He's a very lucky man because his injuries were just a little shakiness and some tingliness in his arm.

Slacker thinks you can do the point break thing if you have no parachute and your plane crashes that you should be able to point your body towards someone who does and buddy up and share their chute.  Slacker says if you are in a storm get inside a house or a car stay away from trees.  But if you are a clown grab something metal the longer the better.

Steve says when he jumped tandem while skydiving they had special large chutes but it might work. Steve thinks he would be too lazy to walk towards the light.

Have you ever had a brush with death?

My cousin was at a local theme park and she got into a ride that had a cage that you get into with two friends. The attendant informed them that they could only have two people so one had to go. She volunteered and as she exited the ride the operator turned the ride on so the cage hit her in the back of the head.  Several stitches later the doc said if her hair wasn’t in a tight french braid the impact would likely have killed her. The operator was fired!


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11/06/2013 4:53PM
Shouldn’t Be Alive
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11/07/2013 11:22AM
Left for dead
While serving with the Marines during the Vietnam War I was severely injured including 5 gunshot wounds multiple shrapnel wounds to my extremities and 62 shrapnel wounds to my back. I had a bayonett run into my back and clear through my torso, and was left for dead. When I arrived I overheard the triage people say to leave and work on Marines who had a chance of surviving. This was during TET '68 and I was medically retired in May of '70. I am currently a 100% Disabldd Veteran. I Truely shouldn't be alive. Sgt Don USMC Retired
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