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If you’re going to do something wrong, you might as well make a scene out of it! Two women are in the news for shoplifting in some of the strangest ways...one of them nearly naked and the other for using her child!
A female shoplifter fled topless yesterday from a Macy's in Arcadia, California. The woman placed items in her purse before scuffling with a loss prevention officer. During the fight, the woman's shirt and bra came off.
The police report says: “During the altercation, the suspect’s shirt and bra came off. The woman then ran to her car topless and left behind her purse containing her driver’s license.'' Cops are now looking for the woman.

A Massachusetts woman was caught stealing a vibrator, and trying to hide it in her baby’s stroller. An employee noticed the woman stealing the sex toy and stopped her while she tried to leave the store. The woman acted like she didn’t know what was going on but eventually handed the vibrator over. The woman was charged with shoplifting.
Slacker says was accused of shoplifting at a bookstore so he decided to take off his pants right there in the store! He doesn’t understand how they didn’t catch the naked woman, she should be pretty obvious! Slacker says he won’t even eat a grape in the store for the fear of stealing.
Steve says that it isn’t shoplifting if you haven’t gotten caught! He says that Slacker was afraid of the law and called him a “Law Abider!” Steve doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t eat a grape in the store it’s not stealing because they grow on trees! He also thinks that if you can get out of the store without the alarms going off its not stealing either.
Lil D says he has shoplifted in middle school. He just got back from a basketball trip early and went over to a convenience store to steal a Playboy. Lil D says that he grabbed one and put it under his jacket and then bought something so he wasn’t suspicious. He said that they cashiers were talking about someone stealing and came towards him. Lil D says he started to freak out when the cashier passed him and grabbed a boy right behind him! He said he got the Playboy but it was the lingerie edition and wasn’t a true Playboy.
What is your criminal story?
Intern Tyler

(Courtesy Photo: Flickr.com)

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07/23/2014 6:23PM
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