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Sexual Assault Reaction

Yesterday's OPP was about a woman that wants her friend to turn in a man that may or may not have taken advantage of her while she was drunk. A woman named Jill called in the show and said that women only claim sexual assault when they regret their decisions. People were upset by her call and we wanted to give you a forum to react.
Slacker and Steve normally don’t go backwards and like to move forward but there was a lot of forum about this caller. They want to give you a chance to react to what she said. Slacker says that a lot of people say drunken consent isn’t a yes. But that isn’t fair because he has had drunk relations so what does that make him?
People drink and have fun with each other. Slacker says that he still thinks that being a male in this society is hard because “women cry wolf.” Steve protects himself from things like this because he has drinks with women all the time. If the factor of drunk relations could mean sexual assault, then they fear for mankind.  

Do you agree or disagree with Jill?

I disagree. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, what you’re drinking, what you look like, or how you’re acting, if they don’t say yes, then it is a NO.

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02/04/2014 7:23PM
Sexual Assault Reaction
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02/18/2014 7:56PM
Apology needed
It is very discouraging that they even contemplated Jill's question. It is terrible to think that our society is still so backwards that two men will publicly and unapologetically discuss whether a woman can DESERVE to be raped. It's simple: I have every right to walk down the street, naked and drunk should I choose, without DESERVING some chump to forcefully have sex with me. I am a survivor. I was drunk, dressed in lingerie for a party, and a man tried to rape me in my sleep. Where is that man now? Serving three life sentences because 12 jury members affirmed that it isn't what you are wearing, or what you are drinking- NO ONE DESERVES TO BE RAPED! I very strongly feel they both owe survivors everywhere a heart felt apology for even entertaining the thought that some of us DESERVED IT!
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