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Serviceperson Shenanigans

Woman pulls gun on Comcast serviceman. A New Mexico woman was arrested for pulling a gun on a Comcast worker because she was upset about a fee. The serviceman left the home because the woman refused to pay but she followed him to his truck. She grabbed one of his tool bags and ran back into her home. When the serviceman went to retrieve his bag the woman pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. The man left the scene and called the cops. They showed up a short time later and arrested the woman. She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Slacker says he had a friend who put up audio / video stuff in Michael Jackson’s home. He was creeping around and found a gigantic closet full of red shirts and black pants. He said his bathroom had a mirror from the floor to the ceiling with scuff marks all over it from MJ dancing. Slacker had a service guy working on his phone and started talking to him about a diary he had found in his junk drawer. Guilty! A pizza guy shouldn’t ask to use Slacker’s bathroom, boundaries!
Steve had a service shenanigan with a plumber. He had left his house while the plumber was there but forgot something so he had to go back. When he walked back inside, the plumber obviously didn’t hear him because Steve found him lying on his bed.
What is the craziest customer service situation you've had to deal with?
Working in a restaurant, I deal with crazy people every day. I once had to chase a table out to their car because they left without paying. I didn’t catch them but they did accidently leave their cell phone on the table, ha!
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08/04/2014 4:43PM
Serviceperson Shenanigans
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