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Serial Killer House

You never know what you're going to find when you move into a new home or buy a car! Recently a woman in Missouri found out the home she was renting was used as a torture chamber by a serial killer and the landlord was the killer’s mother!
Slacker says he was close to buying a car from Craigslist; everything about this car was great! He says he went up there to make sure everything was ok with the car, met the lady and she seemed a little off. Slacker decided to ask her why she is selling the car for so cheap and she proceeded to tell him that her husband committed suicide in it! He asks Steve if there was a screaming deal on a car but found out 3 people in the vehical died, would he still buy it?
Steve says that selling the house and taking the financial burden wouldn’t be worth it. He says there are no ghosts, spirit of killers or anything of the sort! Steve says that Slacker should have bought the car because it was such a great deal! He says that he would totally buy the car if it was that good of a deal and it wouldn’t matter what happened in the past.
Would you move out of the house? Have you ever found out something crazy happened in a home you were living in?
Intern Tyler


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07/09/2014 7:21PM
Serial Killer House
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