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Scarred For Life


We all have at least one moment in our life that we’re never the same after…seeing your parents have relations…drinking curdled milk…washing clothes while showering instead of using a washing machine...

Slacker's wife can't look at Nicolas Cage. He has no idea what happend. If he turns on a Nicolas Cage movie, his wife runs out of the house. She is so scarred by him she can't even tell her why she can't look at him...

Steve can't eat mexican food. When he was 8 or 9 or whatever, he had a bad burrito or something and has never been the same since. He does eat a dish that Slacker makes, but that's because he doesn't know what's in it...until now! Thanks! HeSteve always thought his aunt was hot and if his mom was a little hotter he would've breast fed until he was 18! Too much?

Slacker scarred several people who work at the radio station during an event. He was in drag and forgot about the tu-tu part and leaned back and crossed his legs and showed his junk inadvertently. He knows Steve took a peek!

What scarred you for life?

I hate the sound of paper ripping...no clue why, but it just kills my teeth! Everybody has walked in on their parents at one time or another so that's not new. Knowing that one of the cooks at a restaurant my parents used to visit kept his motorcycle in the kitchen always made me a bit leary of the food...
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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10/29/2012 6:20PM
Scarred For Life
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