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Getting caught up in a scam is never fun, and unfortunately happens all over the world! Disney World and Orlando police are cracking down on a pizza scam. Someone slips a pizza coupon under your door at the hotel, but if you order a pizza you won't be getting one delivered. Your credit card number actually is sent to identity thieves!
In Rome, while some pickpockets make their living on not being noticed, others do it by getting aggressive and in your face -- then ripping you off while you're distracted. Rome is home to the infamous "fake baby" ruse, which sees a woman trip and throw a bundled doll into your arms, or just drop it on the ground, in an attempt to draw your attention away from pickpockets, often children, nicking your wallet or making away with your camera bag.
Even Egypt has scammers! The pyramids around Cairo are one of the world's best photo ops, and some tourists up the ante by posing on the back of a camel. Often, there are trainers standing by to coax the eight-foot-tall, 1,500-pound animals to lie down passively in preparation for riding. Once you've paid your $15 and mounted the beast, though, some touts will insist that you pay again to disembark and hold you hostage on the hump until you do.
Slacker says he would totally fall for the Disney World scam if he was hammered drunk.  He feels like some people that fall for this stuff has to be an idiot. He thinks the throwing baby scam is ridiculous. If he ever saw a woman throwing a baby he would probably freak out. On paper it works, but he would not fall for it. In Vegas the cabbie will try to be in a rush.  They will attempt to help you take your bags out of the trunk.

Steve says these are brilliant. They are so simple too.  The fake baby scam rocks! Two people will dress like hotel staff and will go around and pretend they are concierge. So the person lets the two “workers” in and one distracts the person while the other steals stuff from the hotel room.

Lil D was almost scammed majorly! He was at a store and he went out to his car and he went to get in. A man approached him and his keys were in the ignition. The man got in between Lil D and the car. He had a dead phone and needed to plug it into his car to charge it and was pleading to let him charge his phone. The man was getting upset because Lil D said no to him and he was really trying to get into his car and steal it. At least he put the two and two together that he was going to get robbed.

Have you ever been scammed? How?

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07/24/2014 6:22PM
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