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Saw in the Window


A recent post on reddit asked, "what is the weirdest thing you've ever seen someone doing through their window?" Among the responses:
- A woman weighing her boobs on some scales. I have no idea if this is a normal thing women do.
- My neighbor licking her cats. She has like 5 cats and they are mostly outside wandering around. One day She just licked the cat for like 10 minutes...I couldn't look away.
- One Christmas when I was like, 8 or 9 my dad and I were walking around looking at Christmas lights in the neighborhood with our next door neighbor. After a while I got tired so my dad put me up on his shoulders. As we're walking along I have a pretty good vantage into this one house where the owners are having a Christmas party. They had all gone outside but they left the candelabra burning in the dining room, and it had burned down far enough to catch some surrounding flowers or something on fire. The entire table had caught aflame, which I saw from my vantage point on my dad's shoulders. I was like "Their table is on fire" so our neighbor went up and looked into the window, is like "holy s***" and runs around to the house's backyard to tell the owners their house was on fire.
- Last winter At around 2am I was coming home from a friends and I turned around in the driveway of a house two doors down so I could park on the limited street space infront of my house a bit better. As my head lights swept the house I saw the silouette of someone staring at me out of the little frosted window at the top of the front door. A very tall person by the height of the window. Got major creepy vibes and noped out of the driveway as fast as I could and ran into my house.
The next morning I went out to my car for work and half the block was covered in ambulances and police cars. It turns out that the neighbor's husband was cheating on her, and was likely going to bring his girlfriend home that night because she was supposed to be visiting her sister. Instead she hung herself infront of the front door so they would walk in and see her body.
The person staring at me was a dead woman. hanging, waiting for her unfaithful husband.
What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen through someone's window?

(Photo courtesy of flickr.com)

12/11/2013 9:05PM
Saw in the Window
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