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Saving Cents


People are always looking to save money, especially around the holidays.  Some of them are super clever and some of them are just ridiculous.  Either way, they work. 

Slacker and Steve know someone that dumpster dives for restaurant cups and reuses them so they don’t have to pay for a soda. Yuck.  Slacker also talked about a brilliant friend that drives his car to whatever party or bar he’s going to be at for certain holidays but refuses to drive home after drinking.  Smart.  So he has his tow-truck driver friend come and tow him home at the end of the night!  He saves time and money on this deal by not waiting for a cab and not getting a DUI.

What have you done to save money?

I enjoy shopping the discount racks at department stores which saves me money right off the bat.  But on occasion I notice something wrong with an item of clothing that I want, like a button missing or a tear.  When I bring it to the cashier to pay I point it out and usually they discount it even further for me. Cheap or clever? I’m ok either way…
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12/10/2012 4:29PM
Saving Cents
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12/10/2012 4:41PM
Pizza Delivery Man
so you go out and have a great time on the town and it's time to be kicked out of the bar. You party next to a Pizza Delivery place (Pizza Hut, Domino's whatever) go in, order a pizza for delivery and then caught a ride home with the delivery man. Costs you $12.00 plus $2.00 for delivery
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