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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Saving Cents with Slacker and Steve

Saving money wherever you can is something every person wants right? Well, we can help you do that with a few simple tricks to save a little extra cash. Banana peels are awesome shoe shiners, and lemon juice helps lighten hair!

Slacker says that when he discovered a hidden gem like something that saves money he keeps them to himself so no one else can have it. He bought TV’s for more than 60% off because of a secret website an old co-worker gave him. He says have a friend buy a TV, go home open it, and put it back in. Then you go into the store and ask if they have the TV out of box and they’ll get it 50% off! Crazy.

Steve says watches restoration shows and they give tips on how to use household items for problems at home. Use foil and put water on it, and rub whatever is rusted and rust comes right off!

Lil’ D says to buy airline tickets clear your internet history because the airlines know that they showed you the high prices for flights. But if your clear your history, cash, and cookies then the airlines think you are going to their site for the first time so you can save hundreds on flights.

What tips/ tricks do you have to help save money?

I use peroxide to whiten my teeth. Works like a charm. Also, to get stains out I make a baking soda paste with water and scrub the stain out of the clothing saving me money from buying those expensive stain remover products.

Intern Nikki

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03/05/2014 4:22PM
Saving Cents with Slacker and Steve
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