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Run in With a Stranger

Mahamed Abdi  in Seattle was arrested after being denied a bite of  a stranger's burrito. The man demanded a bite of it, and when told no, he punched the victim and ran off. Police found him and he is in custody.

Slacker had a person at a restaurant ask him if he could try his calamari! He of course said no, and claims his guy was a freak. Order your own bucko! It is weird when someone you don’t know wants your food. You don’t know where their mouth had been. He has been groped by a woman and assumed it was his wife and it wasn’t! Awkward!  

Steve just laughs at the news story. He assaulted a man and gave him a headlock as he thought it was his buddy so he went up to the back of him and put him in a headlock. He went to court and everything even though it was an accident!

What is your run in with a stranger?

I have many, but one specific time was when I was at my locker and this guy thought I was his girlfriend turns me around and smooches me. It was very weird and I was speechless.

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03/11/2014 4:18PM
Run in With a Stranger
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