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Ruined the Surprise


Slacker was shopping the other day and got into a discussion with his wife about the ending of Breaking Bad. Since it’s been about a week since the finale he figured everyone already knows what happens- and if they don’t it’s his own private conversation so he can talk about whatever he wants- he openly talked about the ending… little did he know a lady in close earshot hadn’t seen the end and completely flipped out on him.

Steve thinks the lady has every right to be mad, but Slacker still believes it’s on her because she was listening to his conversation.

What surprises have you ruined? Or what surprises have been ruined for you?

The ending of Harry Potter was ruined for me. It wasn’t just the end, though.  Because people can’t control themselves I found out what other characters die throuhgout the book as well. Good times.

Stay Classy!
Intern Kirstyn

10/02/2013 4:35PM
Ruined the Surprise
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