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Road Rage

Police in Australia say two vehicles were involved in a minor crash on Tuesday afternoon. The two drivers ended up yelling abuse at each other, with one pulling out a sword and making threats during the exchange.  YIKES! Slacker had a run in with an angry Mini Coop driver at a gas pump and our intern was chased into a stranger’s driveway by an angry woman!
Slacker thinks he is pretty even keeled and can’t make anyone angry when it comes to driving because he is watching his reruns of The Office! At the gas station slacker cut in line and went the opposite side at the gas pump. The person in front of him pumps his gas slowly and then after the fact decided to wipe his windows down. Slacker is losing patience slowly at this point. Then after the car in front of him left, a Mini Coop decided zip in front of him and steal his place at the gas pump! After Slacker slams his horn on, the Mini the guy got out of his car and asked “did you want this spot?” Slacker jumps out of his truck, and because he feels he can take on anyone in a mini coop, proceeds toward the Mini. He then gets told from the guy that “there is another pump over there.” So slacker backs away, jumps into his truck, spins out and drives to the other pump. When he got out of his truck the mini coop guy bailed out in fear!
Steve asks should others feel rushed while you wait for them to pump their gas. He also thinks slacker was waiting around on his phone giving that guy enough time to cut in front of him. He makes fun of the big man (slacker) getting pushed around by mini coop boy and that he was struck with fear of confrontation.
What’s your crazy road rage story?
After a day of training at the gym an old man decided 15 over the speed limit was to slow. He proceeded to drive next to me, curse me out, then drove in front of me and held his middle finger out his window wagging it as he drove off in anger. Being the sissy I am, I stayed in my car trying not to laugh my butt off.
Intern Tyler

Photo Courtesy (Flickr.com)

05/07/2014 6:27PM
Road Rage
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