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Rleationship Obstacles


Every relationship faces obstacles and you either get through them and become a stronger couple, or you break up because it’s too much to handle. Slacker and Steve-being the “degenerate gamblers” they are- wanted to guess whether or not you weathered the storm or
called it quits.  

Steve smoked Slacker when it came to guessing the outcome of each obstacle and Steve figured this because he’s on the “outside looking in”- because people in relationships are too much in the thick of it all that they don’t know what or who they are anymore.

What obstacles have you faced in your relationships?

I haven’t faced a ton of relationship obstacles- maybe my relationships are perfect… just kidding- but I do know what would break my relationship: any person who cheats, lacks a proper understanding of general hygiene, has every album released by Creed, hates my cat… the usual, I guess ;)

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02/13/2013 7:04PM
Rleationship Obstacles
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