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There are enough people listening right now, someone out there is going through some sort of drama!

Slacker knows a couple, they don't have kids, so he sees them all the time. This weekend, they have big plans. They asked him if they would like to join them in their hotel room this weekend and partake in relations. His wife is not aware of this. Slacker confesses that there would only be one "me" in the roonm.

Steve is all about this...he wants to know the name of the hotel...

This couple think he's a crazy guy. He has declined the offer, but they are going to text him and verify his "No". That's what makes it drama...they won't take no for an answer.Slacker's wife wouldn't care. Since it's not two women, and there's another sword inolved, she'd be cool with it. Slacker's wife has been propositioned with this scenario more than any other woman he knows. He's agreeed to text Steve when they text him...

Steve thinks it's cool drama...

Good or Bad...The guys are sure everyone listening has some sort of drama going on in their lives.

What are you experiencing right now in your life that involves drama?

Right now? I have a roof to finish and it's going to snow this weekend in Denver. That is all the drama I have at the moment. I could talk about my past and all the life experiences I've had, but that is not what's happening now...

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/09/2012 4:25PM
Right Now
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