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Hate the boss that did you wrong? Or how about the person that broke your heart? Well there is now a website where you can hire someone for a fee to get revenge on them including ruining reputations, property, or framing them. Nefariousjobs.com promises to get revenge on your ex or boss and make their life miserable.

A woman by the name of Michelle Chapman was the first woman to be jailed for trolling herself. She plotted against her dad and step-mother trying to break them up. She would send herself nasty messages pretending to be her step-mother and this went on for two whole years. She was eventually found out by the police because she made all the fake facebook accounts at her home and they found them archived in her hard drive. She had to serve 20 months in jail.

Slacker and Steve claim this company was their idea. Slacker is mad about the fact that they didn’t start this company. And who better to make people go absolutely insane than them? Steve says if your revenge lasts more than a month then you need to get over it.

What have you done to get revenge?

Intern Nikki
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02/06/2014 6:22PM
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