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So with the Super Bowl coming up people are out buying new big screen TV’s and new furniture to impress their friends.  Then immediately after the game they return TV and furniture.  This is happening so much that stores are changing their policies.

Slacker has a family member that will buy a new shower curtain and put his old shower curtain in the packaging and return the shower to the store.  Steve had an ex-girlfriend that bought a vacuum cleaner and then returned it two years later. Nothing was wrong with the vacuum cleaner she just wanted to get money back.
What have you bought and returned and why?

I have never bought and returned really anything.  I have thought about it but I usually keep the items I purchased.  I do know people that buy and return things all the time.  That is usually clothing or something that they can’t afford anyway.  I work in a restaurant and I am always dealing with people that are not happy with their food and returning it.  Maybe that is the reason I never really return anything.  I am always on the other end of it.

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01/24/2013 7:35PM
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