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Resume Lies


Maybe you played with the dates a little…or said you’ve had some experiences you didn’t…or even lied about your education! These are just a few of the most lied about things on résumés. Here are the top 10 résumé lies, according to Marquet International, a security consulting firm:
  1. Stretching work dates
  2. Inflating past accomplishments and skills
  3. Enhancing job titles and responsibilities
  4. Exaggerating educational background
  5. Inventing periods of “self-employment” to cover up unemployment
  6. Omitting past employment
  7. Faking credentials
  8. Falsifying reasons for leaving prior employment
  9. Providing false references
  10. Misrepresenting a military record
Lying about your education in some states is illegal! Employers in every state can fire you with the snap of a finger if they catch you in any résumé lie. The chance of getting caught in a résumé lie is very high. Nearly 96 percent of all employers conduct background checks on prospective employees.

Slacker says that everyone lies on their résumés, if our résumés were truthful they would say, I suck at most things but I want to work for you. Omitting past employment…everyone does it. Steve says he was fired from two fast food chains, hence the beauty of omitting unnecessary information. Slacker and Steve said they know of a buddy of theirs who got busted lying on his résumé. He got a job because on his résumé he wrote that he worked for George Lucas. His boss won a dinner with none other than George Lucas where he found out his employee had completely lied about working with him…oops!

Have you ever lied on your résumé?

With love,
Intern Elana

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06/12/2013 4:30PM
Résumé Lies
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