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Relationship Revenge


Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned. A University of Alabama Frat Bro came home to wonderful surprise in his bedroom after he switched girls at a party. He went to the party with a sorority girl, but took another one home. The original girl was so scorned that she took a number two on the chair is his bedroom and used his comforter to wipe.

Slacker thinks this girl is disgusting. He thinks that women are more susceptible to getting revenge on a person more than men will.

Steve thinks this girl is hilarious. This is definitely a new form of revenge. Steve had revenge done on him. A woman hacked his email and she tried getting Slacker involved by saying
Steve cheated on her with Slacker’s wife. She tried destroying not only his life, but anyone involving with Steve.

What relationship revenge have you endured?

I told my ex-roommates mother that she was a stripper and was addicted cocaine because she stole hundreds of dollars from me. Her mom disowned her. Whoops.

(Photo courtesy Flickr.com)

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01/14/2014 4:49PM
Relationship Revenge
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