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Rehab for ____


Candy Crush can be an addictive, but frustrating, game. The game is simple - you match similar candy pieces to make them disappear and try to pass different levels by moving the pieces around the game board. The game has a way to get under people's skin as they try to pass each level before running out of moves - which causes many to get stuck on certain levels and it can drive someone crazy.
For those addicted to Candy Crush, there's hope. Dedicated rehab facilities for the game have popped up in places like the UK. The program costs a minimum of $5,000 and the clinic says 3-5 people every month go in for rehab specifically to Candy Crush.
The company that creates the game, King, promises that they have not worked to purposely create an addicting game as some players have suggested. They work hard to keep the game interesting by making it get more challenging as it goes on, but not too challenging that you give up.
Steve is totally addicted to the Million Second Quiz app. If he has a few spare seconds, he'll pick up his phone and start playing. Lil D is addicted to Kraft microwavable mac & cheese. He eats at least 3 bowls of the stuff every day.
If there were rehab for your addiction, what would you be going for?

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09/09/2013 9:13PM
Rehab for ____
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