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Refusing Service


A pregnant woman was refused a drink at a pub and then asked to leave by staff who said they were protecting her unborn child. Caroline Williams, 26, who is five months pregnant, says she felt humiliated by the treatment. She said: 'I was on a rare night out with some friends. I had a pint of lager and a friend offered to get me another half - that was going to be my limit. 'He was refused service because it was for me and when I later took a sip from another friend's glass the assistant manageress asked me and my friends to leave.

Pubs have the right to refuse to serve customers and do not need to give a reason for doing so. An assistant manageress confirmed she had asked Mrs. Williams to leave. She described her as 'a heavily pregnant lady who was drinking alcohol'. Another staff member defended the decision, adding: 'The assistant manageress was only thinking of the welfare of the mother and child.'

What do you think, is it perfectly okay for businesses to refuse service?

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10/02/2013 7:02PM
Refusing Service
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10/02/2013 7:26PM
Is it ok to refuse service? Of course!
Does the woman have the "right" to drink? I suppose. Does the bartender have the "right" to refuse service? Yep. He didn't lecture her on drinking - but he also doesn't want that on him. What happens if she drinks, gets in an accident and the baby dies?? You don't think she'd sue them for serving her?? I bet she would! She can go home and drink as much as she wants - but if he isn't comfortable serving her, she should've respected that. What did she expect???? I'm so tired of the arguement that it's a womans body and she can do as she pleases! Some people tend to forget there IS another life and body affected by her choices!
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