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Rather Be A Man?


A British poll of more than 2,000 women done by a health supplement company found that one in four women said she’s rather be a man.
Some Survey Results...

15 percent of the women polled said when they battle mood swings they want to be male.
9 percent said they think men have it easier physically.
55 percent admitted they were not at their happiest stage of life.
87 percent said never felt at ease with the physical changes to their body during puberty.
12 percent said they were unprepared for pregnancy.
But overall, the survey found that women still love being women.

Slacker said that women think they’re the only ones who go through changes, especially during pregnancy, but he doesn’t think that that’s entirely true… men definitely go through changes (albeit less visible) and in the end, the women have to nurture the baby but the man is gonna spend the rest of his life paying for it. Although the Slacker was embarrassed by it, Steve had no problem with not being able to control it… especially in public.  He said he was actually happy and thankful if it were to happen in public.

Would you ever want to be the opposite sex? Why?

Overall I’m pretty happy with being a girl.  I don’t really care about the whole “oh, men have it easier physically blah blah blah” and “women have it easier because they’ve got the good ;) to get what they want yada yada yada…”  Basically, I’ll stick with being a woman; however, it would be nice to experience, just for one day, the ability to inappropriately fix myself in public just because I can.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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02/27/2013 7:21PM
Rather Be A Man?
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